Ultra Nupave

Ultra NuPave is an acrylic based floor screed for high impact areas.
High film builds to cover irregular surfaces. Good impact resistance. Suitable for floor surfaces. Good waterproofing qualities. Has excellent abrasion resistance ideal for vibrating structures i.e. bridges and airports, is non-toxic and ZERO H.A.P.
Colour Cement grey can be toned to various pastel colours
Finish Wood Float, metal trowel
Sheep skin roller - brush
Vehicle type Acrylic Pigments Chrome and Iron
Solvent Water Cleaner Water
Thinner Must not be thinned Flash point Waterborne non-flammable
Specific gravity 2.1 Approx Viscosity Not relevant
% Solids by mass Minimum 90% % Solids by volume Minimum 95%
Pot life 8 Hours from opening Shelf life Min 7 days
Spreading rate 3 - 4 m/l (1 coat)
Supplied ready for application. Stir contents thoroughly before application.
Clean equipment with water before touch dry state. If the Ultra Nupave is applied too thick, there will be cracks. If it is necessary that the screed must be a thick application, it should be done in layers.
Ensure all traces of loose friable materials; dirt, oil, and debris are removed. Freshly cast conventional screeds must be allowed to dry thoroughly before application of Ultra Bond and Ultra Screed. Bulk concrete to cure for 28 days minimum before application. Surfaces to be primed with Ultra Bond.
Minimum 1 mm Maximum as required
DRYING TIME @ 20 deg. C for 1 micrometer thickness and RH<75%>
TOUCH DRY 6 hours
OVER COAT 1-2 hours
NORMAL SERVICE Approx 36 hours
FULL CURE 8 days


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