Ultra Coat

Ultra-Paint acts as a one-way membrane, allowing moisture to escape to the surface but prevents moisture ingress into the treated substrate. Additional properties include: A high degree of elasticity, so it will not chip or crack Excellent adhesion capabilities to all surfaces.
Colour fastness: will not fade
Natural pigments that will not fade with time
Naturally fungi retardant
Heat and flame resistant to 230c
No hardening or deterioration with age
An aggressive scrubbing endurance; paint is hardy and extremely durable
Non-toxic great for families, the applicators and the environment
Odourless on application, people can move in and out of the painting environment
Immediate occupancy of painted premises due to lack of odour
The Ultra-Paint product is a textured paint that can be used as an acoustic sound absorber on walls and ceilings
Although it is typically applied as a decorative finish on walls, it is ideal for obscuring building defects over a prolonged period of time
Anecdotal evidence includes:
14 year-old sample dried paint remains pliable and elastic
A church painted white 30 years ago (in South Africa) still appears white (I.e. no yellowing with age)
Buildings painted with Ultra-Paint are between 5 and 7 cooler
Technical specification
Storage conditions
Room (moderate) temperature, tightly closed (sealed)
Shelf life: 7 years +
Temperature tolerance: -50c to 230c
Physical form: Liquid
Minimum application temperature: 5c


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