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ULTRALAST provides Water based Performance Protective Coatings for all surfaces Includes

Interior / Exterior, Waterproofing, Industrial flooring, Metal Treatment, Anti Termite Treatment and Specialty Coatings.


Ultralast is committed to creating a unique, exclusive, premium environment and ambience that reflect class, taste and a luxurious life style. In order to achieve international class and quality, only a limited number of exclusive projects are handled in a year. Projects are handled on a turnkey basis, and a completely hassle-free, hand-over of premises in a ready-to-occupy condition is ensured.


Ultralast offers a range of solutions for space planning, designing, technical services, project management and project execution up to the last detail. The client’s lifestyle needs and preferences are thoroughly evaluated before arriving at a concept. A core team of driven professionals strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality at all times. It constantly seeks to explore new vistas, look beyond the conventional and pioneer a look and feel not seen before.


Ultralast is truly committed to delivering the highest quality standards. Only superior quality branded materials is used for all its interiors. Qualified and experienced professionals ensure hassle-free, ready-to-use residential spaces created according to the concept. As a matter of policy only the most competent vendors are chosen and educated on its quality philosophy and requirement, continuous improvement and delivery of excellence. There is also a continuous quality evaluation process to ensure the effectiveness of its procedures. Finally what you get is a guarantee and commitment to go the extra mile necessary to achieve extraordinary results within the predetermined schedule and budget.


The world’s first truly ECO safe paints - Developed more than 30 years ago, when lead was still being used by other paint manufacturers. Revolutionary research resulted in the development of coating products which would provide lasting protection of literally any surface, especially at a time of environmental concern.

Ultralast ECOATING™ Eco Paint’s most revolutionary characteristics and ability to meet industrial performance demands, whilst posing no threat to the environment, have positioned the company at the forefront of the Eco Friendly paint industry.

An Ultralast key difference: Our entire paint range is low to zero VOC and zero HAPS!

We provide holistic eco friendly paint and coating water based system alternative for the socially and environmentally responsible, with unchallenged credentials in performance and cost effectiveness across our whole range,


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